Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Yes! I AM A GIRL"

All around New York City we see an influencing 
public awareness campaign which has taken a gigantic leap toward the empowerment women and girls, and hopefully has captured the heart of men and boys in the same.  

The message resonates an energy that recognizes that perfect beauty exists in girls naturally.  All around the metro area posters and ads have a simple picture of a girl smiling. The text reads I’m A Girl. I’m Beautiful The Way I Am. The first time in a long time, this poster made me feel proud to be a woman.

The media society is exposed to can make us forget that being a girl is awesome! The culture of the messages marginalize women into sexual and stereotypical objects, misrepresenting sensuality for sales and exposing young people to the idea that their natural beauty is not good enough.

It was in the plain cold metal subway, bus stops, and poster ads which spread across New York; that this gem of enlightenment in the most simplistic way, reinforced the idea of what it means to be a girl.

Being tremendously excited I went on to pitch this editorial to an “undisclosed newspaper”, the editor was a female in fact, but to my surprise, I was told to submit more "news centric" pitches.  

But I could not let go of the pictures, article, or message. How could this not be news! So I decided it would be best to share with my World Pulse Community and blog! Also including pictures of girls just being girls, one of which is my daughter and daughter’s cousin.

The female species needs reminders that she has a magnificent role in the world. From being a creator of life to being a key decision maker who has handled some of the worst problems humans have ever experienced. She has the ability to keep everything running in order, finding courage when she connects with her senses, following her intuition for solutions.

Most warm-blooded feminine creatures have natural instincts to protect, produce, console, and house their young. Human women have even greater potential because they can think, speak, walk, and lead, having a natural maternal instincts to create. As leaders and healers their voice is the glue that binds society together. Enduring and defying odds that seem humanly impossible to overcome by worldly understanding. She will die protecting her children and many times the children of others. When a woman reaches her potential, she is an unstoppable force.

Unfortunately, stereotypes about females breed hatred, superior thinking, and destructive behavior that hurt the innate esteem that women and girls need to thrive on. Public perception is heavily influenced by media. It evokes fantasy, many times encouraging a woman to take on the identity of an item. This item is purchasable, beautiful, plentiful, but worst of all replaceable.

The media is a constant stimuli, possibly exposing the average person more than 100 times a day in the United States. Much of the messages are contradictory in nature to the innate feminine wisdom that women and girl possess, leading her to second guess her intuition.  Even the strongest of people exposed over 100 times a day, let in an idea or two about what a woman or girl should be.

Both  genders, have tendency to judge a woman with harsher standards. It can become deadly for a woman or young girl to be associated with sexual and physical stereotypes because the view point brews social out casting, bullying, mental and physical abuse, rape, gossip, and even death. Women also hold less powerful decision making roles that could change laws and circumstances that govern their ability to change the mentioned issues.

It is important for the public to reinforce positive media messages about women and girls that build them up. Suggesting that there is more to a female then simple stereotypes but rather a human, living being that breathes, feels, and has the mental capacity to survive and birth a society.  Out of those 100 or so media communications, it is nice to think at least one had the power to generate self esteem.

Messages from the pictures attached are hope. Sites like World Pulse provide a voice for that hope. It is up to us to generate and support the change we wish to see. Please share these pictures with a woman or girl you love. Let her know, she is beautiful just the way she is!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Women Entrepreneurship

Woman entrepreneurship, relating to men, women, & girls.

Women are the hearts of the community. Studies indicate that educating young girls pays off in tremendous ways. Girls grow up to be women, taking charge of their lives!  World wide female earners help bolster the status of women and protect them from abuses that laws have failed at in the past. This is partly due to the decrease of financial stress. Also, about 90 percent of women's earnings go back into fostering a healthy household and community.

Women today play a bigger role in capitalism then some would imagine....

"High-net-worth women account for 39% of the country’s top wealth earners; 2.5 million of them have combined assets of $4.2 trillion. More than 1.3 million women professionals and executives earn in excess of $100,000 annually. 43% of Americans with more than $500,000 in assets are female – MassMutual Financial Group–2007"  

In a market based on consumerism, women hold a lot of buying power.  They can shift the market with their spending habits. On average 70 percent of consumer dollars on goods. Men spend roughly 30 percent. 
As an entrepreneur myself, it is my pleasure to pay my skill sets forward by sharing these little noodles of information with you.

It is through experience that I learned to think big! It is the support of the people I loved and respected most my dreams will began to shape my reality. I have found men contribute very much to it whether at work, in transit, or at home because men are just as much apart of this reality. We all must co-exsit together. I want you to think about the whole picture and encourage others to do the same. Speak up, use your voice!

Monday October 21st I was a guest panelist for The Elevate Series.  It was a grand opportunity to share my experiences with others, using my voice to pay my skill set forward in hopes the advice given will benefit someone else. 

That brings us to the question: What can we do to continue to support and increase women leadership and entrepreneurship?

Below are 7 suggestions

  1. Support programs that educate young girls
  2. Support media that show women versatile roles exhibiting leadership and strength
  3. Support and respect each other
  4. Increase seminar's about financing sources
  5. Offer to mentor women 
  6. Pay skill sets forward by offering your knowledge and expertise within reason
  7. See men and women in leadership as allies instead of threats.. 

Resistance is an enemy to change......

For more information about my business please go to my website http://www.fitnessyogaworks.com

Sunday, July 14, 2013

No Justice for Trayvon Martin- Union Square One of Many Communities that Gather Together

To God be the Glory- and God has the last say..

Why would there be rallies if this world was not ready for change?.... It's takes exposing corruption and becoming fed up with it that we become beacon's of light that ignite the members of the body, ready and willing to organize.... 

It has been documented in an article written about Zimmerman that he had been accused of domestic violence for assaulting an ex-girlfriend and arrested for assaulting a police officer. Whether or not this is valid, we must account for the fact that he pursued Trayvon that evening.  This was based on the prosecutions evidence.  A 911 call from Zimmerman and testimony from Trayvon's friend who was on the phone with him at the time of the incident.

Civilly consider with or without Zimmerman's previous encounters with the law, that this case would have been different had Zimmerman been black.  Forget if Trayvon was White, because we ALL know it would have led to life imprisonment or death. Rather, through historical facts we can conclude that if a black man would have killed him and used Zimmerman's story, it would have led to a life sentence to say the least.  This is considered a "Black on Black" crime which the system has no issues with when it comes to convicting minorities in general.  This man would have been "just" one more infraction.

Trayvon was minding his business with a bag of skittles, he was racially profiled by Zimmerman who followed him leading to an avoidable altercation.  From this altercation, Zimmerman used a weapon to kill a 17 year old child, which he pursued for no other reason then, the color of his skin and attire choice.

See racism is an inferior complex that resonates it's ugly head in many forms and kills daily. Racism is a perception of skin color that not only has the potential to cause murder but also try's to put victim's in a place of shame, humiliation, and loss of dignity.  To believe that being followed by a creepy human being is okay when that human being you feel is going to attack you is like saying it is okay for a woman to be followed by Zimmerman and have to submit to his inappropriate requests, even if they be physical.  It boggles my mind, any women in the jury would approve of this behavior! Even asking a stranger where they are going or why are you here is going too far!

Last I knew, I have the right to not respond to people who harass me.  I can physically defend myself against those that cause physical harm to my body.  Why would Trayvon be in a position to not do the same. Clearly, we know when some one is being racist and I am sure Trayvon knew that Zimmerman was picking with him because he was a young black teenager.

July 13th, 2013 we came together to protest against these Swiss cheese loop holes.  How can anyone truly believe that justice is served when so many are incarcerated and prison makes for big business.  Whose interest are the prison in when they are corporations with purchasable stock. The money invested in its ability to reach full capacity governs because the law states that a corporation should first and foremost maximize share holder wealth. Since this is the case the justice system is not for democracy or freedom but rather for a wicked profit driven purpose which is not different then slavery. Government funding increases the support of housing more inmates, parole officers, and other officials but systematically cuts education and jobs in many cities that have "high crime rates".  Configurationally, the message is clear, no justice, legislation that promotes racial profiling, decreased funding for education, less jobs, and increased funding for prisons supports poverty and minority incarceration.  


Communities throughout the United States rallied together to prove that their will be no rest until justice is served.  Occupy Wall Street taught us something, we are a powerful when consistent and unified.  I remember witnessing Chase One Plaza close at 3 pm due to the fear instilled on them because of the protest outside. Unification and protesting scares the likes of men in powerful places.

To understand the system one should become educated in the history of where, who, and when many of the laws we live by today where enacted.  A system created from a primitive state of mind when racism, slavery, persecution, and oppression where openly rampant can no longer be tolerated as justice.  Justice is not justice when it comes to bringing a white man to the same fate his counter parts face for crimes committed in the same manner but lacking one equal characteristic, skin color. Gender is also treated differently when it comes to male and female human rights too and we are surely familiar with the role wealth and power play in our legal system.  

Below are a few variations of protesting that occurred:  Feel free to use them!

The one I personally favored the most was the silent protest.  Remarkably people held hands in a circle with complete strangers, all for one purpose; to bring justice to Trayvon Martin and others who where killed twice; once physically and once from a inferior, unjust United States Court System.

The next peaceful protest was walking with signs to command on lookers to consider the absence of justice in this case, I AM TRAYVON, YOU ARE TRAYVON, WE ARE TRAYVON, and TRAYVON IS MY SON, TRAYVON IS YOUR SON, HE IS OUR SON was repeated along with NO JUSTICE NO PEACE:

The rally also had talk sessions.  Knowledge was shared and empowerment was encouraged among all people, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Eastern European, yellow, purple hair, green hair, democrat, republican, citizen, politician, male, female, young, and old.

Collectively it is understood that solutions are needed to move forward. Days after today, those who believe in Justice for Trayvon must consistently stand up for change to occur.  Other laws and legislation that target black people like Stop and Frisk need to be detested and rejected too.  The fight is not over because the rally packs up today in Union Square.  All over the United States people are embarrassed  by a system we refer to as justice.  As some stated at the rally, we must refrain from telling other countries how to run their countries, based on the foundation that our country is run, we should be embarrassed for even attempting to do so. 

Also, social media is going to be the most fruitful way of channeling messages to others in order to exchange information, maintain involvement (#blackout) ie, and protest further change. It is widely known and recognized that corporations run media. Corporations have large sums of money at their disposal and when you think about lobbying, they are in a financial position to induce changes to their own self interests. In other words, it is the community who is going to be responsible to get information out to the public.  I call this becoming a citizen journalist and spreading the word through all lines of communication you have accessible to you.


The law that "let Zimmerman free" was created by American Legislative Exchange Council called "Stand Your Ground". Wall-mart one of the nations leading seller's of ammunition is on the ALEC's Committee and the NRA collaborates with ALEC to create laws. The jury was given a specific set of instructions based on the foundation of ALEC's law.  This organization is also run by the Koch brothers- according to Wikipedia

"ALEC has produced model legislation on issues such as reducing corporate regulation and taxation, tightening voter identification rules, digital due process [6] streamlining or minimizing environmental protections, reducing prison overcrowding[7] and promoting gun rights.[8][5][9] ALEC also serves as a networking tool among state legislators, allowing them to research the handling and "best practices" of policy in other states.[9]" 

Once more, the Stand Your Ground law will effect the civil rights case that may be brought against Zimmerman because in the worst case, should family would loose, they could be required to pay Zimmerman for damages!

Hit them in their pockets.  Boycott their products-  Click here for information about an app that helps you boycott their products

Additionally these men are among the richest in the world and have had numerous protests against their person, don't be afraid.  Use the money to support small, local owned businesses in your own community.  Economic independence means you do not have to rely on others.  

You are not alone, major organizations are taking a stand. The NAACP is demanding that Zimmerman be brought in front of the DOJ to be prosecuted on civil rights charges.  With continued community engagement, the case will not be silenced.

If you want to become further involved in helping to maintain the energy behind the campaign, look to becoming a structured organization.  This will increase the effectiveness of your efforts, you can speak to your local council woman or man about funds that are available at the politicians discretion to give to community members in efforts to build up their local community. This is also good to know for business owners and non-profits who could use additional financial support.

If these funds are inaccessible to you, look to donor support which makes for even more freedom because the funds are not coming from the government.  Therefore, there is less paperwork and if the organization supports something that is not government friendly, this route will help to maintain the efforts of the organization including media access, video, legal consultants, ie.

Also, consider voting during smaller elections where you can elect city council people, comptrollers, ie that are more in line with your interest.  Remember, one day you may become a council person, mayor, governor, legislator, or even president yourself.  Politics is very important in matters such as this. You have the power to unite, get involved, and become the change you wish to generate.

Keep fighting

RIP Trayvon Martin

Monday, July 8, 2013

Published work.. Yoga Pop! Yoga in the Work Place

Recently I wrote a piece for an awesome online magazine called "Why Blue Matters" April's fitness edition regarding Yoga in the Work Place.

Since there are so many benefits to exercise, especially Yoga, I wanted to share that consistent use in the workplace will not only benefit employee's health but also increase productivity, promote better sleep, and provide self help tools to manage stress!

Not to mention, help decrease healthcare premiums!!!

The article is below!! http://issuu.com/whybluematters/docs/wbm-autr-wellness-aprilmay2013-vol2 on page 61-65.

A shorter synopsis: http://areyouthereason.com/rochelle-white-yoga-practicioner-wbmautr-wellness-magazine-2/


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Awareness of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

It is awareness that lights up change......

Slavery existed thousands of years before the 1400's, according to Rutgers Human Trafficking Timeline, European's began trading slaves by recruiting the help of the Portuguese to transport human's from Africa to Portugal.  By 1562,  Britain became involved in trading, expanding their development into plantation colonies. We are most commonly familiar with the African Slave Trade in the America's but many are unaware that human trading still exists.

Slavery has been carried out in countries and continents all over the world including Japan, Sudan, India, Thailand, England, Africa, and Europe but today it exists in hidden altered forms.  Beyond the theories of economic slavery and debt bondage that much of the world encounters due to elements like war, globalization, poverty, and unemployment; human trafficking operates in real life as a Multi-Million dollar business industry. So much so, that President Barack Obama declared January "Human Trafficking Awareness Month".  It is also wise to make note that not all cases are within an organized international crime system and as recently seen in the news, crimes that involve sex and kidnapping are many times pure perversion.

Fresh in the news a recent article accounts for a case regarding Human Trafficking in Ohio where the first of four suspects are being held in court on charges of forced labor, constituting their acts as modern day enslavement.  This is one of a number of cases popping up in the United States.  In May, Three Missing Girls were found after 10 years of being held against their will by a perverse man named Ariel Castro.  11 young adults were recently kidnapped in broad day light at a bar in Mexico City.  Across the world, kidnapping, human trafficking, and exploitation subject people into subservient lives of forced labor, forced prostitution, slavery, and yes, they are also trafficked for organs.  It predominantly effects women and children but men have are also trafficked too for similar purposes.

Tourist, job seekers, homeless, drug addicts, runaways, victims of warfare, refugees have potential to be targets.  According to Wikipedia, children are additionally harbored, exploited, and trafficked for child pornography, illicit international adoption, early marriage, recruitment of child soldiers (Click here Child Soldiers in Congo), begging, cults, and oddly enough athletes known as child camel jockeys.

Two movies which touch on child slavery and prostitution are I Am Slave and Whores Glory.  Whores Glory pinpoints prostitutes in Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico.  It is the segment in Bangladesh that pin points child prostitution in one brothel located in the Red Light district.  Though the movie does not speak about sex trafficking directly, the fact is during the documentary you see a child being sold to a madam in a brothel and quickly recognize that almost all the people in the brothel are children.

In no time, the children begin to speak about how sad it is and that wish for a better way.  Some look to be as young as 8 years old.  Traffickers may approach family members with the promise of finding their child legit work, for others, families intentionally sell their child to madams because of the immense poverty they are living in.  Some children are runaways leaving them vulnerable to predators.  Traffickers have been known to intimidate, kidnap, threats, offer marriage to obtain their victims.

I Am Slave follows the true story of former slave from Sudan, Mende Nazer.  The movie covers her fight for freedom from modern-day slavery.  She was a princess in her country but after an invasion on her village she was sold into slavery.  The story tells of her inner battles, abuse, outward experiences, and eventually her escape.

Much if not almost all the time slaves are hidden, integrated into society in a number of ways. The Polaris Project has listed Red Flags to look out for.  Noting a resource helpline number 1-888-373-7888.  The project was founded by two seniors from Brown's University in February of 2002 after learning about a brothel existing near their college.

You can educate yourself on the topic.  As the population of the world grows aside of epidemics of poverty, globalization, and inequalities, the number of victims will rise.  It is through knowledge of this topic that we can begin to generate dialogue that can combat an age old demon that has circulated the earth for thousands of years.  This particular cause involves both rich and poor, though mostly women and children are target, the occurrence does not discriminate by avoiding anyone.

We must pray, become knowledgeable, supportive, and spread awareness even in subtle ways revealing a world full of secrets that are destroying the lives of many.  Imagine if it was your child, family member, neighbor, or close friend's child.  Sadly in countries around the world their is little public policy, legislation, and resources to protect people from trafficking or to stop traffickers.  The United States has an absorbent amount of "Escort Services, Pimps, and Prostitution."

Stories like the ones mentioned are making U.S. news because there is no wall that stops human trafficking from penetrating the boarders of this country or any others.  No one is immune.  Travelers, missionaries, and exchange students should be aware that each country operates by it's own rules, they must be cautious and awake as they explore and interact with others.  Poverty is also a breeding ground for human exploitation.

It a problem the world faces because the world participates in it together and also has the power to ban against it together.  Is it safe to say that the lure of money, freedom from the fear of poverty, and hope of riches all factor in.  If it were not for such a dynamic unbalanced distribution of wealth, opportunities for exploitation would seem to decline.  Poverty is one of the greatest ties to human trafficking but far from the only influence.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

War on Women in The United States Armed Forces | World Pulse

War on Women in The United States Armed Forces | World Pulse

War on Women in the United States Armed Forces
By: Rochelle White
Published on World Pulse March 13th, 2013 http://worldpulse.com/node/66025
Because I smile and laugh, why should it entice your jealously to evoke pain.
A violent perpetrator to say the least, unable to control you habits, what a shame!
I call you a beast. What right do you have to brutally rape me?
I serve, we serve this country.
Should I call for help, I risk being investigated…
Should I run away, I am considered AWOL and the after math is more devastating.
Property of Uncle Sam, but he doesn't hear the cry’s of a woman!
So I stand alone with tears, frequently shivering from military peers.
Where can I go?
How do I live from here?
In 1991 Journalist Amy Herdy wrote an article called “Betrayal in the Ranks”, she summed up a figure around 200,000 women in the U.S. Military were sexually assaulted. That was in 1991. Over 20 percent of female veterans have been sexually assaulted while serving in US divisions of armed forces. 80 percent of cases are never reported.
Up until 2012, the U.S. Armed Services mandated a rank system to report incidents. A known hurtle, the women violently attacked were to make the compliant with their “Commander in Chief” because they were next in superior rank. Unfortunately, 25 percent of known perpetrators are the commanders themselves. Many commanders had no formal training on law, prosecution, and lacked compassion for rape victims. Studies conclude The United Armed Services has two times the amount of known sex offenders actively in service than that of the civilian population. Each one is known to be obsessive and repetitive, many averaging an unimaginable capability of 300 victims in their life time. Yet, women are being blamed for being raped and their cases are repeatedly closed. Of the estimated 4,500 cases reported less than five percent or 200 end in convictions. Additionally, not one case out of 2,500 has been reviewed by the Inspector General in 2011. This same year the court dismissed a class action survivor rape case against the US Military. The court determined “rape as an occupational hazard of working for the military”.
Victims are deprived of the right to due process because they are denied the right to move to a safe quarters away from their attacker! Even worse, some have to take orders from their offender and are forced to complete assignments that require that them to be alone with the perpetrator. The bottom line is that women's human rights are not honored.
The devastation does not stop there, once a case is reported the trend has been to close it and then open a new investigation on the victim. The investigation has a history of charging women with adultery and wrong doing. Their career is destroyed in an instant if they speak up. Even as veteran’s long after the trauma occurred, injuries sustained in the rape are not covered under the medical health benefits given by the government.
The United States Government is fully aware of the issues women face but they are consciously not holding anyone accountable. These women entered in to the US Armed Services to protect a country that is considered a free land. The injustice that they have and continue to face contradicts the values and beliefs that the United States is built from. Studies show that the long term effects on their soul/psyche are damaged, hurt, and changed forever. These women are mothers, sisters, daughters, and aunts. These women warn against from serving in the US Armed Services. This is a sad day because we cannot cease our efforts because we have to fight harder to be heard. It is a step back unless we stand together as women. We must get our political representatives to hold all divisions of the US Armed Services and perpetrators accountable.
For more information
Watch the documentary- The Invisible War http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2120152/

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feelings nothing more then feelings... But they are true as apples in apple pie

Feelings, emotions, and moods.

These elements of the human mind and heart weigh deeply in every decision we make.  It is said, that our soul is to our working mind as the use of the brain is to the body.

There is a tendency to allow these elements of the human mind to dictate to us who we are, what we should do, when we are capable of doing it, and how we should feel about others.  The issue remains that feelings are not static.  They change with our thoughts, experiences, and many times they will change without any logical reason what so ever.

My pastor spoke about Psalm 42 and 43 (NIV) regarding the repetition of the psalmist speaking to his soul saying

"Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God

The Psalmist makes an attempt to encourage his inner being by outright talking to himself.  We can feel depressed, sad, and angry one moment then joyful, excited, and motivated the next but talking to those elements within can be a bold task.

Our feelings, thoughts, and moods frequently effect others around us.  If we can change our thoughts sometimes we can change our perspective about how we feel.  Much has to be said about embracing these parts of us while courageously making decisions that contradict them, especially when the elements with in seem to be against us as they are when we feel depressed.

Feelings are a side effect of our thoughts. Our thoughts come from deeper origin.

Some have said that the focus on the most inward parts, like our spirituality and subconscious, can spiral our lives into an effortless stream line of living based on the pieces fed.  The positive "good" or the negative "bad" sides of our being grow bigger as it is feeds and soaks up attention.

Others say that we are to accept both good and bad sides because all feelings are to be respected.  Fear is considered a result of us suppressing the negative feelings, impulses, and thoughts that emerge.  Joy is considered a result of liberating feelings to flow freely thought the mind and body.

The pressure of the world in general attempt to conform us to the image it wants us to be.  Just like the potter puts pressure on the clay to mold the pot into the image of his mind, so the world does to us.  Marketing, branding, and icons are established to resonate intense emotional impact so that they will connect with the public.  Simple things can influence us and we are bombarded daily to multiple attempts of marketing to influence our actions. 

When we recognize that even simple change in colors can affect our mood, then we can take some power back by addressing this tendency within us, not beating ourselves down because of this tendency but harnessing its power to gain a clear perspective.

With our own clear perspective we can be confident in our interactions with other people and consider their feelings as we have journeyed to consider our own.


Friday, April 19, 2013

What can you do to get involved in your community?

It can appear to be a staggering task to get involved with your community, but what will happen to your community if you do not get involved?

Commonly, people use their limitations as excuses to validate why they are incapable of engaging in their ‘community’.  The greatest leaders and inventors in history embarked on change by using the limited resources they had at their disposal. 

It is anger, frustration, and being fed up that typically incites people to take action. There is also something to say to those who do not act out of these emotions but rather provide maintenance and sustenance even in terrific times.  They are the ones to keep the movement going when everyone else looses interest.

Though we live in a reactive society, human beings have a great ability to harness powerful emotions toward common interests.

Some will say: “But how can I do anything? I have no money or I have little time.”

Let's take a look at Susan B Anthony.  She was a leader in the woman's suffrage movement in the mid to late 1800's.  She fought for teacher’s equal pay, coed education, and college education for girls.  Prevailing by use of her skills to lecture, she educated, facilitated, and congregated women together. When organizations refused to let women participate, she harnessed her leadership powers to initiate her own groups including the first women's Temperance Association, Woman's Loyal League, and The National Women Suffrage Association. One of the ultimate resources she had was her ability to teach. She used it to help enact the first laws in New York that granted women rights over their children and property.  Remaining driven and focused she initiated a group of women to the polls, though she was arrested and sentenced to a fine that she refused to pay, the other woman replicated her integrity and united until the case was heard in front of the Supreme Court.  She used the potential of education, focus, and leadership as tools to govern change. 

Next let’s look at Rosa Parks; she harnessed the ability to remain stead fast and unmoved from her seat on the bus.  This sparked Martin Luther King JR. to launch the Montgomery bus boycott movement where over 17,000 black Montgomery residents boycotted the buses for almost a year.  Because of Rosa Parks’ refusal to compromise her dignity, worth, and virtue, her bravery drove a pivotal stage in the civil rights movement.  Eventually, the Supreme Court declared segregation on buses unconstitutional.  Unity, perseverance, and remaining stead fast were tools used to engage community involvement. This event not only proved to be a victory in the legislation but it also showed the power of community unification.  

In North Africa and in the Middle East groups of women formed an organization called MENA.  This organization is a business women's network designed to launch social progress and economic development.

In New York, Vivian Gonzalez works as an Employment Counselor, with the NYS Department of Labor in downtown Brooklyn.  Mrs. Gonzalez previously served as an activist and advocate for incarcerated women at the Women’s Prison Association, where she advocated for their release and reunification with their families. She volunteers her time holding recreational events for geriatric patients in hospice and also helps to connect people in her Bronx home town to job opportunities.  She wakes up at 5:00 am every morning to begin her day.  She is a professional, a wife, a mother, an entertainer, and a vital connection to jobs that provide people with independence in her community. 

In Pennsylvania, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Tara Simmons has helped to start an organization in her community called Building Bridges.  Building Bridges helps children that have issues interacting inappropriately with others.  She uses her willpower, motivation, and dedication to support her community, even when there is resistance.  It is her act of kindness that keeps the vision alive. 

Earl Lucas of Reading Pennsylvania created the Afro/Latino Magazine over 7 years ago.  The bi-weekly magazine is distributed to thousands of places throughout Berks, Dauphin, and Montgomery County. His magazine provides affordable advertising to many of the local businesses.  He has also been able to use his brand to launch a yearly parade in which the community comes together to enjoy each other’s culture, food, and activities. 

These individuals are only a few of the numerous amounts of people who have and are becoming involved in their communities.  

In almost all cases these individuals pulled together the resources they had accessible to them to ignite change. Providing vital services to their communities and using action to inspire others.

It is not what can I do but rather how can I use the resources I have accessible to me to begin serving my community. 

We all have the ability the harness the power that is within us.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rethinking Humanity

"One Day, I heard a voice inside me that was sincerely concerned for the future of the earth and humanity.  That voice asked, Would a world where all life-forms on this earth live together in peace and harmony be impossible? 

That voice answered, If all people really wanted that and chose that kind of world, why wouldn't it come true?" - Ilchi Lee excerpt from page 164: The Call of Sedona Journey Of The Heart.

The ability to choose.  Simple as that.  The author explains we all have innate greatness within us which evokes a spark of passionate desire to search for divinity which leads to doing a good service for others.  

People make choices daily that affect the whole world.  The ultimate unifying power is universally agreeing on particular subject matters.  The most successful of them all are based on the ideas revolving around money, its value, use, and desire to obtain it. The use of currency is an acknowledged universal choice made daily by the majority of the earth’s population for trade.  If we can universally come together with money it can be done with anything else. 

Naturally, people disagree but no one would admit to others that the desire for peace and harmony is wrong.  Does it meet the bottom line when it comes to obtaining profits?  No, not at all.  Society has built the measurement of currency as a way to distinguish groups from one another, oppress people into getting them to do work that needs to be done to generate more wealth, and establish hope for a better life.  This is completely different from unifying for peace. In fact harmony, respect, and peace are not as profitable as war, famine, economic disasters, and polluting the earth.

*Distinguished groups are called classes.

*Oppressive behaviors include paying low wages, slavery, create poverty from bad economic conditions, war, incarceration, restrictive education requirements ie.

*Hope for a better life is the most challenging because hope is used against the majority of the population as encouragement of society remaining unchanged urging that things will always get better.

Peace and Harmony contradict today's idea of profit driven motives.  Motive and desire can be looked at as key tools that encourage one reaching toward a goal based off a set of beliefs. 

If one American Dream is to become rich and famous, could that concept be more unrealistic then having a dream of being a driving positive force the community where there is none?  Say for example we had peace and harmony; would the concept of being a driving positive force even exist?  We must realize we are one.  We are different in appearance and destiny but we are one as a human race.

Imagine humanity as different flowers, some are big and others are small but all are none the less beautiful. Some live a few days, other's only come alive at night, still a few survive a whole season only to wither away and then return the next year.  They are complete so long as they have soil, water, pollination, and the sun.  

In our world, all human's come in all these different shapes, size, statuses, and preferences.  All human's have to have their basic needs meet in order to live.  Empathy, bravery, sympathy and so on proves we have connections to people we do not know. These connections are stronger with situations we either relate to or have interest in and weaker in places we don't. None the less a connection remains no matter how faint.  

It has been said that there are six degrees of separation between each human being in the world.  If you can release one droplet of water to vegetate your fellow women and men to help assist in the arrival to a sense of wholeness, then you have began a ripple that has the potential to affect multitudes of individuals around the world. Money comes to pass, people come and go. The flowers live and then they die but your energy will follow your footsteps.  You are the definition of what humanity can be.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Psalm 43:5 When you are at odds with in yourself

Psalm 43:5 why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted within me? Hope in God: for I shall yet praise him..... 

No matter how the body or mind feels emotionally, God is faithful and the spirit within us knows this. 

The psalmist was at odds with himself, the spirit was speaking to the doubts of his flesh. Attempting to uplift the person (human) inside to believe on God and be patient, knowing he will come. 

So continue to praise him while waiting.

This feeling is all to familiar especially when it comes to doing work for our communities.  We can not fret but keep God at the center of our plans.  Working with others can be difficult at times, but our most troublesome times come when we are at odds with our self. 

Still sometimes we must continue to move forward, using that voice inside of us to encourage and convince ourselves not to give up.

Be patient and know that God is going to help you to make it. Do not let money, personal conflict, or the lack of material possessions undermine the spirit of God.  Be courageous and multiply your efforts.  Character is built when we go against our own grain and set our spirit up high, believing we can achieve the impossible.

It is the greatest victory ever won...

Be patient