Monday, October 28, 2013

Women Entrepreneurship

Woman entrepreneurship, relating to men, women, & girls.

Women are the hearts of the community. Studies indicate that educating young girls pays off in tremendous ways. Girls grow up to be women, taking charge of their lives!  World wide female earners help bolster the status of women and protect them from abuses that laws have failed at in the past. This is partly due to the decrease of financial stress. Also, about 90 percent of women's earnings go back into fostering a healthy household and community.

Women today play a bigger role in capitalism then some would imagine....

"High-net-worth women account for 39% of the country’s top wealth earners; 2.5 million of them have combined assets of $4.2 trillion. More than 1.3 million women professionals and executives earn in excess of $100,000 annually. 43% of Americans with more than $500,000 in assets are female – MassMutual Financial Group–2007"  

In a market based on consumerism, women hold a lot of buying power.  They can shift the market with their spending habits. On average 70 percent of consumer dollars on goods. Men spend roughly 30 percent. 
As an entrepreneur myself, it is my pleasure to pay my skill sets forward by sharing these little noodles of information with you.

It is through experience that I learned to think big! It is the support of the people I loved and respected most my dreams will began to shape my reality. I have found men contribute very much to it whether at work, in transit, or at home because men are just as much apart of this reality. We all must co-exsit together. I want you to think about the whole picture and encourage others to do the same. Speak up, use your voice!

Monday October 21st I was a guest panelist for The Elevate Series.  It was a grand opportunity to share my experiences with others, using my voice to pay my skill set forward in hopes the advice given will benefit someone else. 

That brings us to the question: What can we do to continue to support and increase women leadership and entrepreneurship?

Below are 7 suggestions

  1. Support programs that educate young girls
  2. Support media that show women versatile roles exhibiting leadership and strength
  3. Support and respect each other
  4. Increase seminar's about financing sources
  5. Offer to mentor women 
  6. Pay skill sets forward by offering your knowledge and expertise within reason
  7. See men and women in leadership as allies instead of threats.. 

Resistance is an enemy to change......

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